Thursday, 19 November 2009

Journal your Christmas

In a rash moment I have signed up for Shimelle's online 'Journal Your Christmas' class. It looks really fab - loads of ideas to get me buzzing...though I am now having odd moments wondering if it was wise to add anything more to my 'to do' list.

The idea is that I get sent daily journaling prompts throughout December with the aim of completing a (mini) album. Even if I don't get loads done in December (realistic if nothing else)then I hope to get some journaling done each day which I can then use later. I also love the idea of trying to take at least one photo each day whatever is going on. Watch this space...


  1. hello, was good to see you last night xxxx hope to pop back soon xx keep up the hard work with your journal xxxx you know you can do it xxx

  2. Hi Lisa - really good to see you too - nice to catch up with stuff. Despite me just pushing bits of paper around the other night I have really enjoyed the 'Journal Your Christmas' course - would recommend it to anyone. Need to make a few pages for the 'lists' course that starts on monday and will then get back to Christmas...
    Hope to see you again v soon xxx