Friday, 15 April 2011

Mothers' Day

I know...Mothers' Day was two weeks ago...but the builders started the next day so I haven't had a chance to post these. We were so behind on jobs that we had to spend much of the day clearing the kitchen ...but nonetheless I still felt pampered.

Jessie gave me this beautiful peacock card that she had made at school - simply gorgeous. And I love the message inside. Proof that it is worth sitting up on the nights before the children's birthdays to make them a card, rather than dashing to the shops!

Tom also made it all seem worth while with his note! Written on a flag, stuck into a plant pot, it reads "Thank you Mummy for making me scones. Tom". What fab writing:)

And to top it off I spent the morning crafting! I hadn't had a chance to make my Mum a card during the week so I had to do it on the Sunday morning. Sounds like another job to do?? Not at all - how lovely to have 'permission' to spend my time crafting when I would otherwise be busy.
The finished product is quite a quick make but it gave me a chance to play a bit more with my Martha Stewart Round-the-page punches and discover that I can cut denim with my BigShot (the flowers are Tim Holtz's 'tattered florals' which I love). My Mum was suitable impressed that I had actually got out needle and thread to make her card as she knows how rubbbish I am at sewing. (I know Jessie's card had rather more proficient needlework on it!).

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